My Career Contour

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MSL Learning Systems Pvt. Ltd.

(a.k.a., University18)

September 2013 - Till Date | Assistant Manager - Quality

The Accountabilities
  • To manage the quality & training function of Bangalore, Gurgaon, Guwahati and Mysore offices
  • Mapping quality function with operational sales, support and collections
  • Undertake process improvement projects including problem analysis, process mapping and review, process redesign and implementation for business processes, as directed
  • Work with internal and external stakeholders to engage and influence buy-in for initiatives undertaken by change and innovation
  • Engage stakeholders in process improvement activities to clearly understand existing processes and business requirements, to optimize process re-design and implement and embed updated processes
  • Conduct training needs analysis & identification
  • Design KRAs and KPIs
  • Develop and implement change management strategies to drive process improvements through the organizations’ culture
  • Develop and implement the framework for transaction, voice & live chat monitoring and quality assurance
  • Assist in developing and implementing process improvements to meet business goals
  • Train resources in process improvement techniques in the form of workshops
  • Monitor process performance and improvements in key metrics
  • Work with management to define the short-term and long-term objectives and potential gains
  • Actively participate in operational, business, quality & training reviews
  • Work on VOCs to implement controls
  • Actively participate in internal/external process calibration
  • Conduct Root Cause Analysis and implementing Corrective and Preventive Actions
  • Part of discussion with external auditors to fulfil their requirements from quality perspective
  • Appraisal setting and resource planning
  • Work on sales and collections modal to increase sales and decrease defer rate
  • Data Analysis (based on production & quality data)
  • Managing training department
The Attainments
  • Workshops on Time Management & Business Etiquette
  • Workshops on Business Communication
  • Workshops on Use of Statistics in Business
  • Workshops on Lean Principles
  • Workshops on Data Presentation & Analysis
  • Workshop on 7 QC Tools
  • Implementation of CCRP (Customer Complaint Resolution Point)
  • Implementation of AIM (All Ideas Matter)
  • Improvement in organizational sales and collections
  • Implementation of DT (Documents Throughout) to reduce queries throughput
Projects Led
  • Improvement in Sales Productivity
  • Decrease in Defer Rate
  • Improvise NPS (Net Promoter Scores) (i.e., Detractors - Promoters)
Team Size
  • A team size of 20 co-workers includes Team Leaders, Sr. Associates and Associates
Awards / Appreciation Received
  • Client appreciation for Excellent Training Delivery
  • Client appreciation for Excellent Statistical Approach in Designing Survey
  • Empowerment Award – 2014 for Leadership & Innovation

Serco BPO Ltd.

(former & current: Intelenet Global Services)

January 2011 - September 2013 | Sr. Process Analyst – Quality

  • Gullivers Travel Associates (UK)
  • Seaworld Parks & Entertainment (US)
  • The Weather Channel (US)
  • Countrywide Residential Services (UK)
The Accountabilities
  • Create and maintain organizational and individual database scorecard system
  • Processes standardization
  • Transaction & voice audits to ensure customer service and quality standards are met
  • Provide regular feedback to associates
  • Taking regular updates from client
  • Responsible for maintaining and updating SOPs and process flows for various LOB
  • Consistently highlighting performance concerns to management
  • External / internal calibration
  • Root Cause Analysis to identify process gaps and to evade business risks by putting proper controls in place
  • Pre-shift and/or post-shift brief/huddles
  • Quality & training presentation for monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual business review
  • Trend analysis
  • Preparation of training schedules and scheduling the training programs
The Attainments
  • Workshops on Team Building
  • Workshops on Business Communication
  • Workshops on Time Management
Projects Worked
  • Moving paper invoices to e-billing system in order to reduce man-power and overall cost
Awards / Appreciation Received
  • Quality Performance (Q3 of 2012) – Serco Star Award

Aegis BPO Services Ltd.

(former: Global Vantedge)

May 2007 - January 2011 | Sr. Executive – Quality

Growth Plan
  • January 2009 - January 2011 | Senior Executive – Quality (Bank of America)
  • February 2008 - January 2009 | Senior Team Associate (Bank of America)
  • May 2007 - February 2008 | Team Associate (Bank of America)
The Accountabilities
  • Monitor calls & provide feedback
  • Work on client’s escalations and customer complaints
  • Take manager / supervisor calls
  • Conduct calibration, new hire sessions, call quality & listening sessions and huddles
  • Assist training department
  • Take updates from client and roll out the same to associates
  • Conduct mock call and bridge assessments
  • Preparation of various reports (i.e., Call Quality Analysis, No-contact Analysis, Process Knowledge Test Analysis, Skills Analysis, Complaints Analysis, Corrective Action Planning Analysis, Defect Analysis etc.)
  • Conduct quizzes, games to enhance process knowledge and PKT (Process Knowledge Test)
  • Review & update SOPs
  • Presentation for monthly review
Awards / Appreciation Received
  • Continuous Performance (in 2009 – 2010) – Bank of America
  • Quality Performance (in Q3 of 2010)
  • Quality Performance (in Q2 of 2010)
  • Quality Performance (in Q3 of 2009)
  • Quality Performance (in Q2 of 2009)

Intellicom Contact Centre

(a.k.a., Jindals)

May 2006 - May 2007 | Contact Associate

  • Express Gifts & Cards Limited - Telephone Shopping
  • Centre One - Credit Card Solutions
  • Data Locator - Telephonic Survey
Awards / Appreciation Received
  • Awarded for Punctuality (September 2006)